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Žolt Varga

Žolt Varga has a decade of experience in the IT industry across various technologies and roles. He currently serves as a Mobile Software Architect at Levi9. He is passionate about System Design, Research and Development, and innovative technologies. Žolt finds joy in sharing knowledge through coaching, mentoring, and exchanging experiences. Sometimes during the coffee breaks, sometimes in the form of tech writing on platforms such as Medium and Website. Recently, as an introvert stepping out of his comfort zone by public speaking at conferences and meetups. His career commenced in gaming, where he started as a ninja - generalist and R&D developer. He later shifted his focus to the Mobile, Cloud, and Security domains. Beyond software architecture and development, Žolt's curiosity extends to the IoT (Internet of Things) and home automation. To clear his mind and get some inspiration, Žolt likes to go for a bike ride or a walk with his dog, snowboarding, kitesurfing, traveling, and exploring new experiences.

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