9Inspiration conference was such a blast!

Organizing the first tech conference, dedicated to IT community, was successful but not only in terms of knowledge sharing, connection, and inspiration.

All participants contributed to the fundraising campaign and donated 10.000 EUR to NURDOR. That’s the way to make an impact!

See you again in 2023 and before new date & location is published, please enjoy our video:

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Is there anything better than doing the right thing for right cause?


When we decided to create unique opportunity to gather Serbian IT community on the conference where they can learn, connect, and share experience, we wanted to do the same for our local community. This is why we chose NURDOR, as the only association of this kind in Serbia that deals with comprehensive psycho-social support for families and system solutions that enable the health care sector of pediatric oncology in our country to function better.


About 10.000 EUR was raised during the 9Inspiration conference 2022, thanks to all participants who donated money directly to NURDOR. This donation provided them ticket for the conference.


Donation is always-open topic in NURDOR and if you want to support them, please find more information directly on their website

Levi9 Conference & NURDOR

9 Inspiration conference will be held at Dom omladine Belgrade. The doors are opened from 9 AM, on Saturday, 1st of October.

For decades, Dom omladine has been a cult gathering place for the youth of Belgrade, as well as the whole Serbia.

It all started with a bang!  


In 1994, the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with the planet Jupiter. That was a cosmic bang that changed the skies forever. And that fact meant the conceptual starting point of a tech company Levi9 IT Services with a goal of bringing lasting change through digital disruption. 


Levi9 Serbia is home of 700+ IT professionals who share one common goal – to create impact with technology. Is it JavaScript, Testing, DevOps, Data, .NET, Mobile, Java, Python, PHP… just name it. We have collegaues with different expertize, on multiple seniority levels and open positions for new one – as growth is our continuity, ever since we started the company, back in 2005.  


What keeps Niners engaged, apart from great project with cutting edge tehnologies, one might ask. It is culture of empowerment, where all employees are in the driving seat, ready to take the best path for their own careers. 


Belgrade, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin are locations with modern offices, as clubhouse for Niners who are able to make choose about working location on daily bases. Work from anywhere will remain concept even after corona pandemic, but having the same hub where ideas are shared is really important one – this is why brand new office was launched in Belgrade, and the best is yet to come in the future.  


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