>Multiple Ships to the Island – Micro Frontends & Island Architectures

Multiple Ships to the Island – Micro Frontends & Island Architectures

In the last year, new frameworks have emerged or gained popularity, making use of the island architecture, a paradigm that aims to reduce the volume of JavaScript shipped through “islands” of interactivity that can be independently delivered on top of otherwise static HTML.

Many people started to confuse this pattern with micro frontends – which are all about scaling the development of a web application. Now, we have two patterns – one to scale the performance of a website and another one to scale the development. It turns out – they are not mutually exclusive.

In this talk, micro frontend expert Dr. Florian Rappl will introduce both architectural styles and show how they can be combined to create outstanding web experiences that scale not only in development but also in usage.

Levi9 Conference speaker - Florian Rappl

Dr. Florian Rappl is a solution architect from Germany who specializes in the creation of scalable distributed web applications. These days he almost exclusively wo