>When nimble is not fast enough: Will AI and Data leverage your DevSecOps journey

When nimble is not fast enough: Will AI and Data leverage your DevSecOps journey

In the modern Data and Tech world, you should either live under a rock or have someone cut off electricity in your apartment to avoid any significant interaction with AI.

A great chance to gain the experience of DevSecOps and Data stories directly from the producers of a well-known and trusted DevSecOps platform with more than 30 million users. I firmly believe that a story can aid and inspire an audience to try to do extraordinary things in their data world. Thrilled to have a chance to reveal a few answers together with you:

  • What is the effect of the beautiful friendship between Data and the DevSecOps platform?
  • How does leveraging the data offer developers throttle in their daily work and keep them prevented from a headache and bad mood?
  • What should put a smile on people’s faces – does anyone mention productivity?
  • Is AI your best friend or your worst nightmare (or both) on the developer journey – the question is so pathetic, but the judgment will be more enjoyable, I pledge.

Forget about hypes and buzzwords; let’s see AI in action making a developer’s life easier and super-efficient, with a small help of data, of course.

Levi9 Conference speaker - Radovan Bacovic

Radovan Baćović is a Staff Data Engineer at GitLab coming from Serbia, an experienced Data Engineer and a "wannabe" the best bad Conference speaker. He is forever eager to discover new data technologies in an agile environment. He has armed himself with a p