>Tangible Software Quality – KEYNOTE SPEECH

Tangible Software Quality – KEYNOTE SPEECH

What quality aspects can even be captured by testing, and what types of quality activities need to happen in development, or after deployment? Does a bug count really show quality? How much manual testing do we need to do, and what should we automate? How to make sure that all the key business values are properly represented and evaluated during delivery?  

These are fundamental questions that any software team needs to answer, but it’s very difficult to find a good strategy for all this complexity. Sigurdur and Gojko will present a model for making software quality tangible to all the stakeholders, with an example from the IKEA Planning Experiences team. 

You will learn how to facilitate a conversation about what high quality delivery means for your organization, and how to create your own tangible software quality model that will capture all the important business and technical metrics and risks.